Natural Burials


What happens at a natural burial service?

A natural burial service is held outside, around the dug plot in a Natural Burial Ground of your choosing.

The burial can also follow a personal funeral service held in a place of worship or a separate alternative venue like a village hall.

What can be included within a burial service?

  • Personal tributes from family & friends
  • Music (via my Bluetooth speaker & phone)
  • Readings
  • Special items on display
  • Colour
  • A theme
  • Prayers and hymns – or no religious content

Hi Jen.

Just wanted to message you to say, “thanks so much for everything.”

Not just for today, which was perfect and even better than we’d hoped for, but for all your guidance, good humour and creative input over the past couple of weeks.

You’ve helped us navigate a difficult time and made sure my Mum had the send-off she deserved, we’ll be forever grateful. X

How long is a burial service?

There is no time limit for a natural burial service however it often lasts for between 15 and 30 minutes – weather depending. Family and friends stand directly around the plot where your loved one’s coffin will be lowered and buried.

Initially your loved one’s coffin might be pulled on a cart, or carried to the plot, and then rested on a trestle or on putlogs (planks of wood directly over the plot) until the moment of committal.

This is then where the putlogs (or “chocs”) will be removed from underneath it and then using straps the coffin will be slowly and safely lowered into the ground by 4-6 people people which can include family and friends.

Once your loved one’s coffin has been lowered gently into the ground, family can then place flowers into the grave, even petals instead as it adds colour and is a little softer than soil.

The grave is not filled until people have left the burial site – unless the family want to take part.

Natural Burial

The Eternal Forest Trust is a Registered Charity that owns Boduan Sanctuary. A Natural Burial Ground near Pwllheli. It is the only place in North Wales where people and their pets can be buried in an already established Welsh woodland. The idea is that the grave site completely returns to nature, reflecting the seasons.

On the day of the burial there are no strict time limits within their beautiful, Welsh woodlands filled with nature and birdsong.

This makes this woodland burial ground very special, and a place I personally enjoy officiating services – wearing my signature blue wellies!

Here’s a blog about a service I was involved with at the Eternal Forest alongside Tom Owen & Son Funeral Directors.


Dear Jen,

Thank you so so much for all your help and kindness, the service was beautiful and gentle and really helped us say goodbye to a wonderful man, it couldn’t have been any better and for that we will always be grateful.

​Our love and best wishes to you and your family. xxx

How I support you

There are 3 main stages for every funeral service:

  • I meet with you, the family
  • Prepaing the service. Lots of typing, phone calls and emails with you to create a bespoke and personal funeral service for your loved one
  • I deliver your loved one’s service
  • 1 Precious Keepsake


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