Memorial And Rememberance Services


What makes a memorial service special?

A memorial service is similar to a funeral service in many ways. The main difference is that at a funeral service, your loved one’s body is present- a focal point.

At a memorial service, your loved one’s body is not present.

Usually, a framed portrait, table of personal items or an urn with their ashes in serves as the focal point at a memorial service.

You have a lot of freedom with this decision of service, therefore choose a fitting location since the body of your loved one will not be present.

Perhaps: it could be held:

  • at home, in the garden
  • At a favourite spot
  • within a church building, community centre or cricket club
  • At the funeral home
  • a restaurant

I can help you consider the service’s content, help you plan and deliver it.

It could include all sorts of things including poems, stories, tributes, live music, photographs, videos, and personal items.

I won’t join you if you plan to have food or drink, but would be happy to facilitate a moment within your celebrations.

What about a Memorial Garden?

Many cemeteries and crematoria in the UK have memorial gardens or gardens of remembrance.

You can choose from a range of memorials to help you remember your loved one such as a tree, bench, or plaque.

I would be happy to be present with you, and conduct a service at the venue.

For example, where you may want to plant a tree.

Thank you so much for your professionalism and compassion yesterday Jen.

You made a difficult day go smoothly.

The lovely personal touches and your kindness will stay with us forever.

How I support you

There are 3 main stages for every funeral service:

  • I meet with you, the family
  • Prepaing the service. Lots of typing, phone calls and emails with you to create a bespoke and personal funeral service for your loved one
  • I deliver your loved one’s service
  • 1 Precious Keepsake


Funeral Services

From £230 - £400

Under 18yrs

I charge a 50% fee to cover my expenses, but donate my time and specialism.