About Me


My Life-story and Background

I was born and raised in North Wales, a daughter of an artist (affectionately known as “Jenny-Wren” by her) and so I love colour, countryside, and creativity.

I relocated from North Wales to Birchington-On-Sea, Kent, in 2023 with my family as my husband became the Senior Minister of Birchington Baptist Church.

I am a relational, empathic person, who notices personal details and enjoys meeting new people, and hearing their life stories.

I come from a counselling, children & youth, and pastoral background and have gained experience through a variety of roles within the community supporting families facing grief in all its forms. 

I am outdoorsy, and enjoy being on the beach with my husband and sons- or you might catch me sometimes “running” along the seafront trying to burn off my favourite Lindt white chocolates!! 

What drew me to become a Funeral Celebrant?

In August 2020 during the pandemic, I listened to a podcast where a woman shared how she had transitioned from being a Pastor and widened her skills by re-training to become a Funeral Celebrant. 

The interview excited and resonated with me deeply, challenging me to make big changes in my life and re-train in a new career and stepped into self-employment.

One word – EMPATHY!

From our first meeting with Jen through to the actual day we felt 100% assured that my Mum’s funeral would run smoothly with no hitches & would be uplifting & personal as she would have wished.

Jen’s overall calmness & empathy made the whole thing easier on all who attended, and was a true celebration of their life.

Thank you.

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A qualified person who can officiate a funeral service.

I can help you organise and conduct a bespoke funeral service.

I am here to support you, alongside your Funeral Director, to help you celebrate the life of your person who has died.

“A Civil Funeral is a funeral driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, not by the beliefs or ideology of the person conducting the funeral.
It sits between a religious service and a humanist funeral.”
(Institute of Civil Funerals).

What specific qualifications or training do I have?

I qualified as a Funeral Celebrant – setting up “JW Celebrancy” in 2021.

I trained with Civil Ceremonies, and have a NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (RQF) and a Level 4 Award in Creating and Conducting Child and Baby Funerals (Advanced Practice).

Am I part of an institute?

I am a member of the IoCF (Institute of Civil Funerals) through which I have all my insurances, supervision, and further professional development.

I also have time with a private counsellor for my own self-care and professional longevity.

As a family we just want to ‘thank you’ for your presence at the funeral.

We could have never imagined that it would be the way it turned out to be.

A day that we will forever be grateful to you.

You are a wonderful lady and will be forever a cherished friend.

You were incredible.

Why a wren bird?​

My affectionate childhood nickname from my Mum was: “Jenny-Wren.”

I have used the symbol of a wren as my business logo (designed alongside www.hughribbans.co.uk) like a ‘Jen-wren on a book.’ 

Reflecting that as a Funeral Celebrant I get the honour and privilege at a funeral to share the ‘life story’ of a loved one for the last time. 

My Mum, (an artist called Ann Bridges www.ann-bridges.com) has created for me a set of original “Jen-Wren prints,” and kindly produced them as greetings cards to give to each family after their loved one’s funeral.